O5. COOPERATIVE METHODOLOGY for the Assessment and Prevention of Internet Addiction of Secondary School Students

In the context of this intellectual output a new Cooperative methodology for the assessment and prevention of internet addiction of Secondary school students will be developed. The proposed methodology will focus on non pharmacological interventions as these methods cannot be applied in the school environment in an easy way. Yasar University will be responsible for the development of the “Output O5 with appointed co-leader to be the University of Milan as responsible for the social research of our project and as an expert in Addiction disorders (especially internet addiction disorder).

The proposed methodology is going to be developed using the framework of cooperative methodologies in the school environment. The objective of this intellectual output is to propose an innovative methodology regarding assessment and prevention of internet addiction of Secondary school students which will involve: teachers, parents, school community in general and of course parents/guardians and students.

The methodology is going to be based on the concept of cooperative learning in which students and teachers form discussion teams in order to explore a significant question or create a meaningful project. For the needs of the proposed Cooperative methodology all previous intellectual outputs are going to be exploited and used. The proposed Cooperative methodology will also be analyzed in the relevant chapter of the “Reference Handbook on Assess, prevention and Treatment of Internet Addiction” that will be developed in Intellectual Output O6.