Dipnot is an organization in İstanbul, Turkey. Founded in 2015, by Cuneyt Ozdemir who is an important anchorman in Turkey.

It is a commited NGO to serve public by using all instruments of media mostly concerning areas such as education, technology, media and social conversation along with other purposes. As an organization we have great experience in managing and producing documentary projects.

Dipnot team has an expertise on both conventional and social media, following the events 24 hours. Not only social media but in many other outlets, Dipnot has developed and conducted projects concerning public awareness. Dipnot has a very professional team of producers, editors and cameramen. They produce all sorts of content such as, news videos, documentaries, internet videos and promotional videos. Our web-site dipnot.tv is visited by more than a hundred thousand people in a month.


Contact info:

Address: Kore Şehitleri Cad. 13 /4  Zincirlikuyu Şişli/ Istanbul/TURKEY

Email: alexandra@dipnot.tv


Web Site: http://www.dipnot.tv