Governor Of Istanbul

Governorship of Istanbul (ISTANBUL VALILIGI) is the highest administrative authority in the city with a number of approximately 300 civil servants and giving service in various fields. Governorship of Istanbul is represented by “Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Social Studies and Projects” and “EU and Foreign Affairs” in the projects.

Governorship of Istanbul (GOI) has protocols with different institutions for the projects in Istanbul. Moreover GOI governs The Board of European Union Compliance, Counselling and Guidance which has been founded with The Ministry of the Interior: 26.01.2010 and 2010 / 6 Circular No:
• To ensure an active participation of the governorships to EU accession process
• To follow fully implementations of Administrative and legal reforms carried out within this framework
• To enable a better understanding of the EU accession process among public
• To activate governorships with an effective leadership in the provinces concerning the use of EU financial resources efficiently

The Board is responsible for the following:
• To monitor the results of implementation of legislative arrangements at the provincial level
• to identify the problems and legislative changes and to determine the solution offers then report them to Foreign Relations and EU Department of Ministry of Interior and Turkish General Secretary of European Union.
• To utilize EU funds and financial resources to the maximum extent
• To back up the project activities of the institutions and encourage them and provide necessary support to the ongoing EU project of these institutions regarding the coordination, promotion and publicity of the projects and