O3. AWARENESS MATERIAL Concerning Internet Addiction Disorder of Students

According to experts the first and perhaps most important step in addressing the problem is to recognize the existence of it. As with other types of disorder so in the case of the internet addiction disorder (IAD), individuals are not able to diagnose their problematic behavior.

Thus information and raise awareness of all interested parties (students, teachers, parents, schools, etc.) on the internet addiction disorder is a crucial parameter for the successful and efficient completion of our project. For the implementation of this intellectual output a global approach is required. For this purpose we will seek the usage of experiential learning methodology and the involvement of the target groups in the production of the needed material. The produced awareness material concerning internet addiction disorder of students will be focused to the target groups of the project and will aims to inform and raise awareness. The ulterior objective is to ensure the participation of students, teachers, parents, schools etc in the project in order to achieve an awakening participating nature.

The developed material will concern:

  • Information and awareness booklets
  • Short video for information and raising awareness
  • Radio spots for information and raising awareness

Awareness Booklet

Book Marks





Radio Spots