O4. ONLINE PLATFORM for Training and Awareness Regarding Internet Addiction of Secondary School Students

On the platform will be uploaded: the training and information materials that will be developed within the project, the electronic version of the final version of the questionnaire for the investigation of internet addiction levels of secondary school students’ in the partner countries (activity O1/A2) to which there will be free access to all, the comprehensive report regarding the level of internet addiction of secondary school students in partner’s countries (activity O1/A5) the Cooperative methodology for the assessment and prevention of internet addiction of Secondary school students developed in the framework of our project and the relevant Reference Handbook developed by during our project.

The platform will provide the ability, after the end of the project, of free access to all training and information material that will be developed as part of our project and the results of the project studies through a registration procedure which will be done using with a simple and automated process (mediation of the platform managers will not be required) and will only requirement the statement of a valid email account. This process will ensure not only the sustainability of the project but also the free and continuous access to the project results from all interested parties and individuals.