The kick-off meeting of the “Log On Back To Life” project

“Log On Back To Life” Project supported by the Turkish National Agency in the scope of European Union Education and Youth Programs Erasmus+ KA2 School Education was offically started at the kick-off meeting (KoM) held at the Governorship of Istanbul EU and Foreign Relations Office in Istanbul on the 18th-19th December 2017 with the partcipation of partner institutions: İzmir Yasar University, Dipnot Association (Turkey), Developmental Center of Thessaly (Greece), Inspectorarul Scolar Judetean Lia (Romania) and Universita Dedli Studi di Milano (Italy).

As usual for kick-off meetings, institutional presentations took place to knew partners with a better view. The activity plan of the Project was revised and updated in the line with current situation.

The most important agenda of the KoM was the planning to develop the Comparative Report on the level of internet addiction of secondary school students in partner’s countries. This output of the Project is innovative in that the development of questionnaires to be developed for teachers and parents about Internet Addiction is a first attempt in the field.

As another important result of the meeting, the design of the online platform for training and awareness was presented and confirmed by the partnerships.”