O2. TRAINING MATERIAL, Addressed to Secondary Education Teachers’ Regarding Internet Addiction Disorder of Students

In the context of this intellectual output all necessary education/training material, addressed to Secondary education teachers’ regarding addiction internet addiction of students, will be developed. The educational material that will be produced will be based on both the findings of social research regarding the level of internet addiction of Secondary Education student’s in the countries of the partners (intellectual output O1) and on the recording and analysis of the phenomenon in the partner countries as this will occur through the relevant activity.

It will be brief, comprehensive with explanatory images, relevant data and specific training modules such as:

  • The spread of the Internet and its social dynamics
  • Human relations and social behavior in cyberspace
  • Defining the Internet addiction disorder
  • Clinical symptoms of the Internet addiction disorder
  • Psychosocial consequences of the Internet addiction disorder
  • Treatment approaches: From prevention to treatment
  • Advisory information on online behaviors
  • The teacher’s role in the prevention of the phenomenon